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 Anna A. Ovcharova

Date of birth: 1991

2009-2014 Student, Membrane Technology chair, Department of Chemical Engineering, the Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia
2014-present Ph. D.-student (Polymeric Membranes Laboratory, TIPS RAS)

Professional Career
2014-present - Young scientist (Polymeric Membranes Laboratory, TIPS RAS)

Fields of Interest
Polymeric membranes, composite membranes, hollow fiber membranes

A.V.Bildukevich, T.V.Plisko, V.V.Usosky, A.A.Ovcharova, V.V.Volkov. Hydrophobization of polysulfone hollow fiber membranes, Membranes and membrane technologies, 8, 2 (2018) 7584 (In Russian)
V.A.Kirsch, V.I.Roldugin, A.A.Ovcharova, A.V.Bildyukevich, Modeling of Ethylene Absorption from an EthyleneEthane Mixture by Silver Nitrate Aqueous Solution in a Hollow-Fiber Membrane Contactor, Petroleum Chemistry, 57, No.13 (2017) 12421249
V.A.Kirsh, V.I.Roldugin, A.A.Ovcharova, A.V.Bildukevich. Modeling of Absorption of Ethylene from the Mixture of Ethylene-Ethane in Aqueous Solution of Silver Nitrate. Membranes and membrane technologies 7, 6 (2017), 423431 (In Russian)
A.Ovcharova, V.Vasilevsky, I.Borisov, S.Bazhenov, A.Volkov, A.Bildyukevich, V.Volkov. Polysulfone porous hollow fiber membranes for ethylene-ethane separation in gas-liquid membrane contactor. Separation and Purification Technology 183 (2017) 162172
I.Borisov, A.Ovcharova, D.Bakhtin, S.Bazhenov, A.Volkov, R.Ibragimov, R.Gallyamov, G.Bondarenko, R.Mozhchil, A.Bildyukevich, V.Volkov. Development of Polysulfone Hollow Fiber Porous Supports for High Flux Composite Membranes: Air Plasma and Piranha Etching. Fibers 5.1 (2017) 6
A.A.Ovcharova, V.P.Vasilevsky, I.L.Borisov, V.V.Usosky, V.V.Volkov. Porous Hollow Fiber Membranes with Varying HydrophobicHydrophilic Surface Properties for GasLiquid Membrane Contactors. Petroleum Chemistry, 11, 11 (2016) 10661073
A.A.Ovcharova, V.P.Vasilevsky, I.L.Borisov, V.V.Usosky, V.V.Volkov. Porous Hollow Fiber Membranes of Different Hydrophobic/Hydrophilic Surface Properties for Gas-Liquid Membrane Contactors. Membranes and membrane technologies 6, 4 (2016), 418426 (In Russian)
V.V.Volkov, R.G.Ibragimov, I.Sh.Abdullin, R.T.Gallyamov, A.A.Ovcharova, A.V.Bildyukevich. Modification of polysulfone porous hollow fiber membranes by air plasma treatment. Journal of Physics: Conference Series 751 (2016) 012028

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