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 Alexander O. Malakhov

Date of birth: 1963

1986 - M.S. degree, Engineering Chemical Technological Department, D.I. Mendeleev Moscow Chemical Technological Institute.
2005 - Ph.D. degree, A.V.Topchiev Institute of Petrochemical Synthesis (Topic: “Phase separation in athermal polymer systems and a sorption model of associating substances”)

Current position:
Senior scientist, Laboratory of Polymeric Membranes, Membrane Center, A.V. Topchiev Institute of Petrochemical Synthesis

Fields of Interest
Phase behavior of a polymer and colloid-polymer mixtures, Sorption theory in a free-volume materials.

Awards and Personal Grants
- The small award for the year 2014 of the International Academic Publishing Company "Nauka / Interperiodika" for the best publication in the journals of this publisher.

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