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 Prof., Dr. Vladimir V. Volkov
(Who is Who in Russian Chemistry, Moscow, “Nauka”, 2001, p.41 (in Russian))
Born: 1947

ORCID: 0000-0003-1106-2947
ResearcherID: Q-3511-2019
Scopus Author ID: 57206284073
Scholar Google: Vladimir V. Volkov
SPIN: 7169-4789
IstinaResearcherID (IRID): 53610680

Academic Career
- Graduated from Moscow State University, Chemical Department in 1970.
- 1970-1974 - Chemical Department, Moscow State University.
- Since 1974 - A.V.Topchiev Institute of Petrochemical Synthesis (TIPS), Russian Academy of Sciences.
- Ph.D. (Physical Chemistry) in 1979 from TIPS.
- Doctor of Science (Polymer Chemistry) and Professor since 1992.
- 1992-1997 – Deputy Director of TIPS.
- Full professor since 1997.
- 1997-2018 - Head of Polymeric Membranes Laboratory.
- 2009-present - Head of Scientific-Education Centre at A.V.Topchiev Institute of Petrochemical Synthesis, Russian Academy of Sciences (TIPS RAS) and MEPhI

Current Position
- Chief researcher
- Part-time professor in Moscow Engineering Physics Institute (MEPhI).

Fields of Interest
Polymeric membranes, catalytic membranes, high-free-volume glassy polymers, gas separation, pervaporation, organophilic pervaporation membranes, membrane bioreactors, high pressure membrane gas absorption, low temperature catalytic membrane reactors, membrane contactors, nanoporous materials and membranes, solvent resistant nanofiltration membranes, organic solvent nanofiltration, membrane nanopore structure characterization, gas and vapor sorption, polymer nanocomposites.

- The Russian Federation Government Award in Science and Technology, 1995. Title of Work: “The elaboration of basic principles for membrane material engineering and the development of polymeric and composite membranes for gas separation and water treatment”;
- Award from the Rector of the University of Nicolaus Copernicus in research teams for achievements in the research field.

More than hundred publications in peer reviewed journal including nine review articles; twelve patents and more than two hundreds presentations at national and international membrane conferences.

Scientific Council in TIPS (elected);
Dissertation Council (05.17.18 – Membranes and membrane technology, 02.00.06 – Polymers, 02.00.13 – Petrochemistry) (nominated);
Membrane Club in D.I.Mendeleev All-Russia Chemical Society (elected);
Editorial Board of Russian journal “Membrany”;
Advisory council in Russian Foundation for Basic Research;
Advisory council in Federal Agency on Science and Innovation;
European Membrane Society.

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