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Polymeric membranes

Leading laboratory on development of polymeric membranes
and processes of gas and liquid separation


Polymeric Membranes Laboratory (TIPS RAS) is carrying out the fundamental and applied research on the development of novel membrane materials, flat and hollow fiber type membranes basd on novel, commercial, or natural polymers for the separation of gas and liquid mixtures.

The main focus is taken on the following membrane separation processes: gas separation, pervaporation, thermopervaporation, ultra-, microfiltration, nanofiltration of organic media, gas-liquid membrane contactors, membrane distillation, electrodialysis.

Development of original techniques and equipment including automated, high-throughput ones for the controlled and reproducible fabrication of flat and hollow fiber types membranes on the laboratory and pilot level.

Development and use of precision methods for determining the transport, selective and structural characteristics of flat and hollow fiber porous and composite type membranes, as well as the study of the barrier properties of barrier and protection materials.

Development of new design for membrane separation techniques and modules for intensifying the separation processes of gas and liquid mixtures.

Modeling of mass-transfer processes in membranes and membrane processes including using the principles of non-equilibrium thermodynamics, developing the theory of sorption of associated fluids in polymeric materials, developing the statistical thermodynamic theory of polymer solutions and mixtures.

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