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Selected articles

A.Yushkin, R.Borisov, V.Volkov, A.Volkov Improvement of MWCO determination by using branched PEGs and MALDI method, Separation and Purification Technology 211 (2019) 108-116

S.A.Bortnikova, A.A.Belogorlov, V.D.Borman, V.N.Tronin Study of local configurations in the systems “disordered nanoporouse medium – non-wetting liquid”, Journal of Physics: Conf. Series 1099 (2018) 012023

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Yu.S.Eremin, D.Bakhtin, S.V.Pavlov, A.M.Grekhov Effect of carbon nanotubes on a gases permeability of polymer PMMA, Journal of Physics: Conf. Series 1099 (2018) 012036

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I.L.Borisov, A.Kujawska, K.Knozowska, V.V.Volkov, W.Kujawski. Influence of feed flow rate, temperature and feed concentration on concentration polarization effects during separation of water-methyl acetate solutions with high permeable hydrophobic pervaporation PDMS membrane, Journal of Membrane Science 564 (2018) 1–9

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