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Polymeric membranes

Leading laboratory on development of polymeric membranes
and processes of gas and liquid separation

Publications and patents


D.Kalmykov, S.Shirokikh, E.A.Grushevenko, S.A.Legkov, G.N.Bondarenko, T.S.Anokhina, S.Molchanov, S.D.Bazhenov. Stability of Porous Polymeric Membranes in Amine Solvents for Membrane Contactor Applications. Membranes, 13 №5 (2023) 544 10.3390/membranes13060544

D.S.Bakhtin, S.E.Sokolov, I.L.Borisov, V.V.Volkov, A.V.Volkov, V.O.Samoilov. Mitigation of Physical Aging of Polymeric Membrane Materials for Gas Separation: A Review. Membranes, 13 №5 (2023) 519 10.3390/membranes13050519

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K.Pochivalov, A.Basko, T.Lebedeva, M.Yurov, A.Yushkin, A.Volkov, S.Bronnikov. Controlled Swelling of Monolithic Films as a Facile Approach to the Synthesis of UHMWPE Membranes. Membranes, 13 №4 (2023) 422 10.3390/membranes13040422

D.Matveev, A.Raeva, I.Borisov, V.Vasilevsky, Y.Matveeva, A.Zhansitov, S.Khashirova, V.Volkov. Effect of Molecular Weight and Chemical Structure of Terminal Groups on the Properties of Porous Hollow Fiber Polysulfone Membranes. Membranes, 13 №4 (2023) 412 10.3390/membranes13040412

T.N.Rokhmanka, E.A.Grushevenko, O.V.Arapova, G.N.Bondarenko, G.S.Golubev, I.L.Borisov, A.V.Volkov. Fouling of Polyalkylmethylsiloxane Composite Membranes during Pervaporation Separation of ABE-Fermentation Mixtures. Applied Sciences, 13 №6 (2023) 3827 10.3390/app13063827

S.Shirokikh, D.Kalmykov, D.Matveev, S.Bazhenov. Reclaiming of Amine CO2 Solvent Using Extraction of Heat Stable Salts in Liquid-Liquid Membrane Contactor. Membranes, 13 №2 (2023) 230 10.3390/membranes13020230

E.Dmitrieva, A.Raeva, D.Razlataya, T.Anokhina. Eco-Friendly OSN Membranes Based on Alginate Salts with Variable Nanofiltration Properties. Membranes, 13 №2 (2023) 244 10.3390/membranes13020244

E.A.Grushevenko, T.N.Rokhmanka, I.L.Borisov, A.V.Volkov, S.D.Bazhenov. Effect of OH-Group Introduction on Gas and Liquid Separation Properties of Polydecylmethylsiloxane. Polymers, 15 №3 (2023) 723 10.3390/polym15030723

M.A.Zotkin, D.A.Alentiev, S.V.Shorunov, S.E.Sokolov, N.N.Gavrilova, M.V.Bermeshev. Microporous polynorbornenes bearing carbocyclic substituents: Structure-property study. Polymer, 269 (2023) 125732 doi.org/10.1016/j.polymer.2023.125732

D.Kalmykov, T.Anokhina, I.Borisov, H.Thanh Long, T.Dan Nguyen, A.Volkov. Film Distillation with a Porous Condenser for Seawater Desalination: Evaluation of Materials’ Stability in the Tropical Climate of Vietnam. Membranes, 13 №2 (2023) 163 doi.org/10.3390/membranes13020163

S.O.Ilyina, T.S.Anokhina, S.O.Ilyin. Non-Solvent- and Temperature-Induced Phase Separations of Polylaurolactam Solutions in Benzyl Alcohol as Methods for Producing Microfiltration Membranes. Colloids and Interfaces, 7 №1 (2023) 10 doi.org/10.3390/colloids7010010

A.O.Malakhov, S.E.Sokolov, E.A.Grushevenko, V.V.Volkov. Temperature Dependence of Light Hydrocarbons Sorption and Transport in Dense Membranes Based on Tetradecyl Substituted Silicone Rubber. Membranes, 13 №2 (2023) 124 doi.org/10.3390/membranes13020124

S.A.Legkov, G.N.Bondarenko, J.V.Kostina, E.G.Novitsky, S.D.Bazhenov, A.V.Volkov, V.V.Volkov. Structural Features of Monoethanolamine Aqueous Solutions with Various Compositions: A Combined Experimental and Theoretical Study Using Vibrational Spectroscopy. Molecules, 28 №1 (2023) 403 doi.org/10.3390/molecules28010403

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Method of evaluating properties of polymer membrane
T.S.Anokhina, I.L.Brisov, A.V.Volkov. Method of evaluating properties of polymer membrane. Patent RF 2767951. 22.03.2022

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D.Kalmykov, A.Balynin, A.Yushkin, E.Grushevenko, S.Sokolov, A.Malakhov, A.Volkov, S.Bazhenov. Membranes Based on PTMSP/PVTMS Blends for Membrane Contactor Applications. Membranes, 12 №11 (2022) 1160 doi.org/10.3390/membranes12111160

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A.Yushkin, A.Basko, A.Balynin, M.Efimov, T.Lebedeva, A.Ilyasova, K.Pochivalov, A.Volkov. Effect of Acetone as Co-Solvent on Fabrication of Polyacrylonitrile Ultrafiltration Membranes by Non-Solvent Induced Phase Separation. Polymers, 14 (2022) 4603 doi.org/10.3390/polym14214603

A.L.Didenko, A.G.Ivanov, V.E.Smirnova, G.V.Vaganov, T.S.Anokhina, I.L.Borisov, V.V.Volkov, A.V.Volkov, V.V.Kudryavtsev. Selective Destruction of Soluble Polyurethaneimide as Novel Approach for Fabrication of Insoluble Polyimide Films. Polymers, 14 (2022) 4130 doi.org/10.3390/polym14194130

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A.V.Basko, K.V.Pochivalov, M.Y.Yurov, T.N.Lebedeva, A.A.Yushkin, A.V.Volkov. Preparation of thermostable polypropylene membranes with a controlled structure by nonsolvent thermally induced phase separation. Polymer-Plastics Technology and Materials, (2022) 1-13 doi/abs/10.1080/25740881.2022.2101376

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D.Matveev, V.Vasilevsky, V.Volkov, T.Plisko, A.Shustikov, A.Volkov, A.Bildyukevich. Fabrication of ultrafiltration membranes from non-toxic solvent dimethylsulfoxide: Benchmarking of commercially available acrylonitrile co-polymers. Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering, 10 №1 (2022) 107061 doi.org/10.1016/j.jece.2021.107061

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Module for thermopervaporative isolation and concentration of organic compounds from liquid media
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